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Making our endeavor with class and respect so that you can and will come back to over and over: eat up in and carryout.

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About Us Tea and Chat Cafe

Sajna Moidu

Chief Executive Officer

On the off chance that you experienced youth and class in Dubai valuing our hot steaming recipes, you know we are a place that shares warmth for family and mates for a jovial get together only to share uncommon occasions over honest to goodness and sustenance. From our novel tea brew to our most best in class kitchen recipes, our special roots are noteworthy with pride in our sustenance, accomplices and visitors. I feel regarded to endure as Tea and chat’s spirit as CEO. We began our enterprise with the central target—and the mission of our social affair—to be solid in our shrouded foundations of gathering kinship and relentlessness of our visitors. Essentially more basically, we are on edge to get cautioning from you. Our sous -chef remains keen to shape a magnificent charisma in our persistent endeavors to bring out a motto of “a chance to muscle out”. We have been on a voyage essential, concentrating on following commitments to our visitors:

Reinforcing our scratch-kitchen approach utilizing only the freshest recipes and ingredients in true ecstasy of food formulas around the world for class level specials that you throb for.

Urging tongues of each visitor to eat up our exquisite creations.

Making our endeavor with class and respect so that you can and will come back to over and over: eat up in and carryout.

Finding solutions from the legacy from our forefathers who created magic in recipes of Malabar and what we got from the world’s best recipes to truly hit every hearts with warmth our chefs do comprehend with top menus, fire and a phenomenal world of cooking. To take in extra about the substance of the sustenance, I correspondingly coordinated exceptional culinary specialists who made formulas sans availability. Our Culinary aces keep us focus, ensuring our food made to “rested,” settled and cooked to flawlessness. Our hitter is the establishment for each burgers and a significant number of mojitos our visitors welcome each year deleting spaces for trade off. When we put our cooked recipes in the purpose of assembly of your Sandwiches and burgers, it’s our affirmation that it’s the ideal dish — our seal of help. I along with my chefs have carefully researched each menu exquisites and how we passed on sustenance to our visitors. When each one of you taste our great creations like ceaser’s salad and others in plates, coffee & tea in mugs and crystals it’s quite natural that it comprehended to be reaps straight from hand-picked homesteads with basic quality and delicious flavor. When you taste our hand-moved meatballs, you taste times of pride in Chef’s own one of a kind family condition. Considering, what do we mean when we say, “We are Tea n chat,” and for what reason am I offering this to you now? We—you and I—are part of tea & chat team! We all grew up together with our splendid dishes for our frameworks. What’s more, each of you our clients know this as well. I am looking forward to work elbow to elbow with astonishing team from our foodie specialists to servers in culinary social affairs stirring with guarantee to boost our magic at each step. On the off chance if you leave ‘Tea n Chat’ without proposing to return once more—and soon — then we do will consider that we haven’t met our obligation to you. I am giving you my own guarantee that our partners do experience our attributes and thus serve you a piece of the best strong dinners you will discover wherever you can find. We would love to get cautioning from you, and we respect your examinations on how we are getting along. We know whether we cook our sustenance with love and pass on each shot, you’ll pick Tea and Chat’s and I expect you will share with us your warmth soon.

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